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Hub- e- Atthra
is very effective medicine for this disease. The complete course for this disease.
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Nirina Aulad tablets
These amazing herbal tablets are for those women who are unable to give birth to male babies.                   read more
Nizam-e- Capsule
This capsule enhance the density of semen  and control the pre-ejaculation, night fall, over night fall caused by all these diseases.      read more
Zajaam ishq
These tablets are for those whose sexual power; muscles, memory and eye-sight are poor.
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Miscarriage, birth of dead child or immediate death of infant soon after delivery because of green or yellow color diria or loose motions is caused by this horrible disease called ATTHRA.  Some babies die before birth in the ovary. Some women only give birth to girl babies or only girls survive but boys expire after death. Further some women experience stomach and liver disorder because of ATTHRA. They get weak and feel irregular heart’s beat and breathe disorder. 

is very effective medicine for this disease. The complete course for this disease

Kay Rook        (Pregnancy Vomiting)
Some women experience excessive vomiting during pregnancy. This excessive pregnancy causes them stomach disorder. To cure excessive pregnancy and subsequent stomach disorder Dawakhana Hakim Nizam Jaan offer a very effective medicine called “Kay Rook”.

MUFEED- UN- NISA (Painless Menstrual Regularity)
Menstrual regularity is very important in the lives of women.  Regular painless menstrual discharge in reasonable quantity keeps the women healthy and fertile. In our society girls suffer many menstrual irregularities and problems regarding menstrual discharge but don’t get them cured because of conventional shyness and hesitation.   MUFEED- UN- NISA is a
very effective medicine to deal with all these menstrual problems.

Tasheel-e- Wiladat
During pregnancy women experience extreme pains and these pains reach to peak at the time of delivery.  For healthy painless delivery of baby,  Dawakhana Hakim Nizam Jan offer a very effective medicine called Tasheel-e- Wiladat