Dawakhana Hakeem Nizam Jan
Chowk Ghanta Ghar, Gujranwala, Pakistan

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Zajaam ishq
These tablets are for those whose sexual power; muscles, memory and eye-sight are poor.
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Nizam-e- Capsule
This capsule enhance the density of semen  and control the pre-ejaculation, night fall, over night fall caused by all these diseases.      read more

Emsaak powder
This unique medicine in the form of powder is a very effective cleanser of liver. It also increases the semen and makes it dense.      read more

Hub- e- Atthra
is very effective medicine for this disease. The complete course for this disease
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About Us
Dawakhana Hakeem Nizam Jan was founded in 1911 by Hakeem Nizam Jan who was the closest student of Molvi Hakeem, Noor-ud-Din, The Royal physician of Maharaja of Kashmir. Following the foot steps of Molvi Hakeem, Noor-ud-Din, Hakeem Nizam Jan started to serve humanity. Since about hundred years, Dawakhana Hakeem Nizam has been treating thousands of aggrieved patients. We have developed number of time-tested herbal medicines which have brought health to innumerable distressed patients. The medicines of Dawakhana Hakeem Nizam are extremely popular among people because of their efficiency.

Dawakhana Hakeem Nizam medicines are prepared with pure herbal ingredients which are collected from natural treasures of the world. We believe that nature cures perfectly and on the basis of this belief, we have successfully cured numerous diseases which were considered fatal before this.

This is the great blessing of Allah Almighty that we have cured patients of every age and gender. we are expert in diagonsing human diseases and prescribing its remedy accordingly. We prepare our own medicines

The key reasons of our effective medicines are the years’ long research about anatomy of human body and the diagnoses of causes that get the human body victim of diseases. These are the prayers of relieved patients and devotion & spirit of our staff to serve sufferering humanity that we not only enjoy the successfull business but also peace of mind & soul.